Within the art of Nico Yerna the dissection of psychological processes plays an important role. He questions the processes that go on in one’s mind, how an idea comes about, how images do form and how language can be used in a literal or iconic way. He researches this from his own symbolistic point of view and with a lot of humor. A special place in this whole process is taken by the unravelling and rebuilding of the pictorial space, whereby non-traditional methods such as imaging are being deployed.


His works derive from a series, in which one work follows the other in a process, of which he doesn’t know in advance where it will end. Symbols emerge and claim a prominent position, but can be easily replaced in a next artwork. He uses different techniques, such as painting, collages and drawings, but resorts lately just as easily to digital photo editing, until he reaches the end of his quest. So that he can subsequently research these processes combined with newly added themes once more.


Resumé catalogue text by Luuk Nouen (artistic director FLACC) - 2015